Glenn Garland


glenn-garland Glenn founded CLEAResult in 2005 after nearly 20 years in the energy efficiency industry. From managing energy efficiency programs to consulting for regulators and utilities, Glenn built his career on understanding and addressing the unique challenges facing the industry.

Believing that a lack of information is the primary barrier to wise energy decisions, Glenn launched CLEAResult with the innovative SCORE®and CitySmart® programs. By focusing on how entire organizations view energy use rather than simply addressing individual projects, these programs enable schools and cities to make effective energy decisions and save millions of dollars. Glenn keeps this focus at the forefront of CLEAResult’s expansion throughout North America and its growing portfolio of products and services.

“ETS@Austin offers a great forum for discussing the evolving energy landscape in Central Texas, and particularly the important role in which energy efficiency will continue to play,” said Glenn Garland, chairman and CEO, CLEAResult. “As the lowest cost fuel, energy efficiency fuels smart business growth by decreasing costs, creating local jobs, as well as supporting consumer choice. I look forward to a strong dialogue which explores these issues and more.”
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