Joël Pointon

Sempra Energy (SDG&E), Manager of Electric Transportation (Clean Transportation Program)

joel-pointon Joel Pointon is manager of Electric Transportation under the Clean Transportation Program for Sempra Energy Utilities – San Diego Gas and Electric. The electric portion of this program was initiated with his hire in mid 2006. He came to the utility after initially joining Sempra Energy at their corporate offices as an Environmental & Safety Program Advisor in 2004. Prior to this he has spent over 25 years as a professional in the environmental and safety field, with the 10 years prior to joining Sempra, as an independent consultant specializing in the field of environmental and safety management programs. Joel has his MS from the School of Public Health, Environmental Health Sciences Program at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has worked for local, state and federal agencies in the field of environmental health, and for Hewlett Packard as a divisional Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Coordinator. He was also Corporate Manager of EHS for the Massachusetts Microelectronics Center (M2C) and taught semiconductor environmental health at their affiliated institutions (M.I.T., Harvard, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Northeastern University, Boston University, Merrimac College, etc.). M2C was partnered with the State of Massachusetts, Polaroid, Digital, Hewlett Packard and eight other private industry partners to advance semiconductor education and manufacturing within Massachusetts.

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