John Morrison

Senior VP – Asset Management, Strata Solar

john-morrison John Morrison has a 30 year career in clean energy with experience in utilities, non-profit organizations, government, academia and the private sector.

Strata Solar where he a Senior Vice President develops, designs, builds, owns and operates large solar arrays. John joined Strata in 2010 and helped the company become one of the top 6 solar companies in the country. Strata is a primary reason that North Carolina is now ranked #3 in the nation in new solar installations. In addition to North Carolina, Strata has built, or is building large scale solar facilities in Tennessee, Missouri, California, Georgia, Virginia and Massachusetts.

In addition to his role at Strata Solar, John is a founding board member of the North Carolina Clean Energy Business Alliance and an executive board member of the Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy (CASE). Prior to Strata, he was the Assistant Secretary for Energy at the North Carolina Department of Commerce, where his primary responsibility was the development of North Carolina’s clean energy economy.

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