Ken Laberteaux, PhD

Sr. Principal Scientist, Toyota Research Institute of North America

ken-laberteaux Ken Laberteaux is a Senior Principal Scientist for the Toyota Research Institute-North America in Ann Arbor, MI.

In his nineteen years in the automotive and telecommunication industries, Ken has produced twenty-five scholarly publications, eight patents, and fourteen additional invention disclosures. Ken’s current research focus is sustainable mobility systems, including grid-vehicle interactions, vehicle electrification feasibility, security and privacy issues of smart grid, battery lifetime modeling, and US urbanization and transportation patterns. Earlier in his time at Toyota, Ken worked on advanced safety systems, leveraging synergies in communication, sensing, and computation.

Credited with coining the term VANET, Ken was a founder and two-year (2004, 2005) General Co-Chair of the Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET) workshop. Before joining Toyota, Ken spent ten years as a researcher at the Tellabs Research Center, working on echo cancellation, data networking protocols, call admission control, and congestion control.

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