Patrick Davis

President, FSG Energy

pat-davis For more than a decade, Patrick Davis has been focused on creating smart buildings and smart enterprise energy management networks. Building on his 29 years of executive, developer and operational experience in the HVAC and building controls industry, Patrick has designed, sold and supported three Web-based enterprise energy products. Today, as president of FSG Energy, he has built a team that is passionate about changing the energy marketplace, one building at a time. Under Patricks’ leadership, FSG Energy has co-designed and supported some the automated fault detection diagnostics systems, Enterprise Metering Systems and fully integrated Enterprise Energy Management Systems ever implemented in a retail environment, as well as the largest live Energy Lab seen in retail.

Patrick’s pragmatic approach to both system design and the effective utilization of fully integrated smart building environments has attracted the attention of key industry players throughout his career. He has collaborated on design and co-marketing of technology and solutions with executive leadership in companies like KMC Controls, Schneider Electric, Veris Industries, Cisco and Lynxspring.

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