Shalini Ramanathan

VP of Origination, RES Americas

Shalini Ramanathan is VP of Origination for RES Americas, a leading developer and constructor of wind and solar projects. RES Americas has constructed the two largest solar projects operating in Texas: the 30 MW Webberville Solar near Austin and the 40 MW Alamo I in San Antonio. Ms. Ramanathan has closed multiple deals with nearly $2B in total transaction value. She leads a team developing wind/solar projects in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, and Colorado. She recently completed a deal to sell green power to Microsoft, the first-ever wind power purchase agreement for that company. She has also transacted with numerous utilities, including Xcel Energy, Oklahoma Gas & Electric, and Arkansas Electric Coop, and has worked on merchant/hedge wind projects. In 2010, she was ERCOT regulatory chair of the trade association The Wind Coalition. In that role, she contributed to securing approval for the $7B CREZ transmission line build-out in Texas, which is bringing hundreds of MW of clean power online.

Prior to joining RES Americas, Ms. Ramanathan was based in Nairobi, Kenya and worked on renewable energy projects across East Africa for the British company CAMCO. She also worked for the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), where she focusedon renewable energy deployment in Southern Africa, India, and the Philippines.

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