Sidney Hinton

President & CEO, PowerSecure

sydney-hinton1 Sidney Hinton has served as our President and Chief Executive Officer since April 2007 and as a member of our Board of Directors since June 2007. Mr. Hinton has also served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of PowerSecure, Inc., our core subsidiary, since its incorporation in September 2000. In 2000, he was an Executive-in-Residence with Carousel Capital, a private equity firm. In 1999, Mr. Hinton was the Vice President of Market Planning and Research for Carolina Power & Light (now known as Progress Energy). From August 1997 until December 1998, he was the President and Chief Executive Officer of IllumElex Lighting Company, a national lighting company. From 1982 until 1997, Mr. Hinton was employed in several positions with Southern Company and Georgia Power Company.

As the founder and driving force behind the formation, development and growth of our core PowerSecure business and as the leader of all of our business units, our Board of Directors believes Mr. Hinton is uniquely and well qualified to serve on our Board as its only management member. He brings to our Board an extensive and valuable understanding of our business and of the markets and customers we serve and the products and services we provide as well as strong leadership of our company. In addition, Mr. Hinton brings to the Board 30 years of experience in the energy industry, serving as a leader and manager and with extensive relationships and contacts in the energy business especially within the utility segment. Our Board greatly benefits from the valuable experience, expertise, leadership and guidance that Mr. Hinton provides to the Board and to our company.

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