Armada Power is a transformative technology company that unlocks the thermal energy storage potential of electric water heaters to deliver a host of grid services from demand response to renewable firming. Armada Power’s enterprise software and intelligent controller proactively manage individual water heaters to achieve a one-of-a-kind solution that unlocks and aggregates their thermal storage potential, leverages one of the largest energy consuming devices in the home to provide effective demand response, and supports and enhances grid reliability through a host of advanced control options. This is successfully achieved while remaining non-invasive and often invisible to the consumer.

Application options include:

·         Demand response – Intelligently manage demand response events with pre-heating to enhance the customer experience and maximize peak load reduction.

·         Time of use optimization – Set and forget optimization and reduced impact of time of use rates with time shifting intelligent pre-heating.

·         Cold-load pickup – No spike returns to normal with randomization of the reheating cycle across the full population of water heaters after extended demand response or outage events.

·         Consumer engagement and control – The available mobile application provides customers direct access to status, energy consumption, utility notifications, and control including timed vacation mode settings.

·     And additional stackable applications include renewable firming, rebound limits, local feeder congestion, frequency balancing, microgrid stability, and load control.


Armada Power’s many innovations include:

·         Pre-heating – Heat all tanks to their maximum mechanical temperature prior to the event to ensure maximum user comfort.

·         Dual-zone temperature sensing – Top and bottom temperature measurements to optimize energy storage capacity and reporting.

·         Revenue grade metering – Ensures accurate measurements for event contribution, time of use energy consumption, and equipment status.

·         Measurement and validation – Accurate, real-time, and historical event data to assess event results, plan for success, and measure customer impact.

·         Maintenance alerts – Preventative maintenance and notification of equipment fault alerts on water heater issues such as heating element failure, excessive water draws, or leaks via optional leak sensors, often before the customer perceives an issue.

Armada Power has been awarded 16 patents supporting the development of the system and software platform.

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Capturing Value from Electric Water Heaters as a Non-Invasive Demand Response Resource