Tatianna Cannon

Executive Director
Solar Austin

In May of 2021, Solar Austin hired Tatianna Cannon as our first-ever full-time executive director. This marks an exciting new chapter for the organization, which has been run by the volunteer board of directors and part-time contract workers since 2003. This transition is possible thanks to funding from the Gannett Foundation, the Meadows Foundation, and our business sponsors.

As a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Tatianna earned her B.A. in Letters and an M.Ed in Adult and Higher Education. During and after receiving her degrees, she became committed to helping under-served and primarily first-generation college students through Student Affairs at the University of Oklahoma and as an adjunct professor before transitioning her career path to public affairs and institutional advancement.

Tatianna has a wealth of experience in the nonprofit sector, including leadership and fundraising positions for the University of Oklahoma, Teach for America, and as a regional executive director with ALSAC/ St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Most recently she has been leading Aster Collaborative, which she initially founded to help maximize the scope and influence of nonprofit organizations for the greater good. Aster Collaborative now assists corporations and programs globally in the areas of education, health and human services, non-profit management, business development, anti-racism training, political consulting, and much more.

Tatianna has assisted non-profit organizations as a consultant and as a keynote presenter on topics including fundraising best practices, public affairs and board management for nonprofits, diversity, equity and inclusion, generational philanthropy and workplace motivations, and educational issues as well as topics surrounding educational systems more broadly.