Zpryme and the Energy Thought Summit brand has challenged the status quo and brought thought leaders together for over 10 years. As a promise to continually improve, we are taking actionable steps at our events to reduce waste.

Our Sustainability Promise:

  • We are encouraging all attendees & staff to use public transportation, rideshare, e-bikes & e-scooters, or walking whenever possible. Check out Cap Metro Austin to determine the best ride!
  • If you are staying at Hotel ZaZa, or a neighboring hotel, consider opting out of daily housekeeping. This will reduce the daily carbon footprint — think of the savings on water, electricity and cleaning products!
  • We are being conscious of physical signage. We’ve switched to reusable graphics which reduces the amount of metal materials. You’ll notice a heavy promotion of digital assets!
  • Menus have been carefully curated with the consumption of red meat considerably reduced
  • Beverage stations will be equipped with recyclable materials. However, we encourage all to bring a reusable water bottle!

We’re taking many steps, no matter the size, to measure out the larger impact. A small step goes a long way, and together we can make a difference.

If you have not already, please consider signing the pledge to commit to global sustainability

Thank you to our exclusive Sustainability Sponsor