Bobby Godsey

EV Outreach Program Manager - Electric Vehicles & Emerging Technologies
Austin Energy

Bobby Godsey joined Austin Energy’s Electric Vehicle team in 2014 after more than 20 years managing and marketing 5-Star hotels. He has used his customer experience knowledge to create a vision for Electric Vehicle education and design a dialogue with the community on why Electric > Gas. Bobby coordinates outreach events including SXSW, and designs and leads marketing campaigns, educational seminars, and training workshops.

Bobby has been honored to lead multiple award-winning projects for the Electric Vehicles team at Austin Energy. The Austin Drives Electric Auto Dealership Program has won 3 awards in 2021, SECC’s Customer Engagement Best Practices Award; the Smart 50 Award for this Year’s Most Influential Smart Projects; and Chartwell’s Best Practices Gold Communication Award – all recognizing Austin Energy for launching a customer-driven initiative that is removing barriers of electric vehicle adoption by improving the consumer buying experience. Austin Seaholm Eco District’s Electric Drive project won the Smart Cities Innovation Award in 2017 and Bobby “recruited” the now famous StEVie, the EV-Loving T-Rex! Austin Energy’s marketing campaign ‘How Will You Say Goodbye to Gas?’ introducing StEVie, the EV-Loving T-Rex to the world, won the E-Source Marketing Award and the IABC Pacific Plains and Southern Region Silver Quill Award in 2019.