Brent Sitterly

Fixed Point Analytics

For the last 20 years Brent has used technology and data science to analyze and assist companies in making decisions across industries such finance, marketing, academia, energy, and healthcare. Brent holds a master’s degree in applied math with a focus on stochastic modeling. Prior to founding Fixed Point Analytics and being the chief data scientist for Doer/Maker, Brent was days scientist at a large advertising tech firm, worked as a financial quant for institutional investors, and is a veteran of the US Navy. His extensive background in computer systems makes him platform agnostic when it comes to tech stacks and data stacks.  He has developed models in R, Matlab, Python and designed interactive dashboards in R along with D3.js for visualizations. He has worked on a wide array of projects from a partial CTO for a VC group to generative AI projects to machine learning operations.