Debbie Brodt Giles

Manager for Innovation, Prizes, Networks, and Vouchers

Debbie Brodt-Giles is the D.A.T.A. Group Manager in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center. For more than 20 years, Debbie has been leading web-based data management and visualization projects with the goal of making open data accessible and reusable for the benefit of the energy community. Debbie initiated and leads the Open Energy Information platform called, which is a platform that uses a collaborative approach for linking and sharing energy data with the world. Debbie also leads several projects in DOE’s Solar Energy Technologies Office including the SunShot Catalyst Program, the Orange Button Data Exchange, and the Solar Data and Tools project, which enables fully-accessible utility rate data and created a Data Ambassador Program that enables innovation for entrepreneurs, developers, and industry at a local-level. NREL’s cloud computing strategy and resources are managed and administered by Debbie’s team, which enables enterprise-level web development and data management/computation support. Debbie also leads the business development efforts for the Strategic Energy Analysis Center by working closely with internal staff and engaging with industry partners on leading-edge research and analysis projects.