Dwayne Stradford

Managing Director | ENRA Strategic Initiatives

Dwayne Stradford is an accomplished, diverse energy professional with over 27 years of power utility experience. His career focus has been involved with real-time transmission operations, short/long term transmission planning, NERC Reliability Compliance Standards (both NERC-CIP and NERC O&P), Utility Scale renewables integration, FERC Regulatory/RTO policy, and Project Management. Mr. Stradford has spent the bulk of his career working for AEP. Additionally, he has considerable working experience throughout the electric power utility space as a consultant. He has worked with clients on special projects in all three interconnections, so he has a breadth of regional BES experience throughout the power utility industry.

Mr. Stradford is currently the Managing Director of ENRA Strategic Initiatives at AEP. He leads the team that is addressing emerging challenges in the NERC compliance space. His team is heavily involved in process improvements, risk assessments, project/program management, and external advocacy outside of AEP. He serves as an active member of MRO’s Reliability Advisory Committee and have participated on some panel discussions for MRO conferences over the past three years.