ETS Conference

Born in Austin, Texas, Energy Thought Summit (ETS) events bring the world’s thought leaders together to debate the state and future of energy — expect smart dialogue, and an engaging setting on- and offline.


In true ETS tradition, Zpryme will periodically release an outspoken or distinguished thought leader to the public, covering energy topics such as smart grid, electric vehicles, renewables, disruptive technologies, big data, cybersecurity, smart cities, social media, cloud computing, and workforce.


Based on the off-the-cuff format of the annual ETS event hosted in Austin, Texas with the core mission, “thought leadership through energy,” ETS@ focuses on the voice of a community united by passion and energy.

Community Commitment

As part of our pledge, Zpryme will always make the ETS and ETS@ panels and individual discussions free and open to the public via the ETS channel.