Cengizhan Yenerim

VP/Head of Risk

Cengizhan Yenerim is the Head of Risk for ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales and responsible for the Risk Management organization across the firm’s corporate activities in North America.

Cengizhan provides oversight of the ENGIE’s spectrum of risk-taking activities encompassing economic risks including market, liquidity, credit, capital, and operations with controls and governance established for each area as appropriate while providing strategic guidance for market driven commercial activities.

Since joining ENGIE in 2007, Cengizhan has served in several roles including, corporate strategy, enterprise risk, pricing, and portfolio management while supporting company’s investments in renewables, thermal, retail, environmental products, natural gas and LNG. He was most recently the Chief Data Officer for ENGIE North America.

Cengizhan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mining Engineering from Middle East Technical University and a Master of Arts in Energy and Earth Resources from University of Texas at Austin.